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The Requiem for Roleplaying :: Warriors

Warriors are perhaps the most easy of any class to roleplay, but they also provide a huge range of possibilities. Some might be the classic knight, defending the name of king and country. Another might be from a savage tribe deep in the forests, seeking vengeance for his people. Another might be a bouncer at a local brew house.

Most warriors live by a code of honor, and prefer any opponent to be evenly matched, as there is no skill or glory in defeating an opponent of lesser stature. They tend to be arrogant, and strong willed, knowing that they need no magical tricks for them to excel. They will, however, use anything at hand to fight with and defend the ideals that they live for.

Challenge people to duels occasionally, to prove who is the best.

Brag loudly about your exploits, but don't be surprised when someone steps up to test your skill.

Think of a name for your favorite weapon. Begin calling it that LONG before you decide to get a restring. After all, how are we to know that a blade is named 'HopeRender' if no one has ever called it that, even you?

Don't just refer to yourself as a warrior. Call yourself a man-at-arms, or a blademaster, or sensei. There are numerous names and titles that all mean 'warrior.' By using one, you will add flavor to your character.

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