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The Requiem for Roleplaying :: What to do if you die while roleplaying

How to handle an IC death is always a complex problem when people just don't stay dead. If you die in an RP, or as a result of an RP that you are involved in, I would highly suggest that you come back, get your corpse ASAP, then go off and 'manually' heal through regeneration for at least 5 or 6, preferably 10 to 15, real life minutes. When you come back, don't just spout out about how you are immortal, make up a reason you have come back. Perhaps the high priest of your religion revived you, or the spirit of death sent you back to claim vengeance.

Whatever your reason, you should always take a bit of time out if you die... this will not only help you calm down a bit, and let you settle back in to character (death can be a bit jarring or disorienting, we all know this), but it will give the other people in the RP a bit more of a realistic feeling as well. If someone sees you go down in a ball of flame, they don't expect you to magically get back up and start dancing around just because you're fully healed. Your character would be *very* shaken up IC by the fact that they had just played chess with the grim reaper.

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