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The Requiem for Roleplaying :: Storytelling and Bragging

Who the hell is going to know, or care, that you are an avatar, if you've never told anyone about all the cool stuff you did to get there?

More and more these days I have been seeing people just 'hanging out' in Huff's tavern. Chilling out, talking about famous battles or arenas, or telling jokes about when the baddest-arsed barbarian around missed a bash on a seagull. I love these kind of people. People that are willing to sit and trade stories, and buy drinks, and talk about their exploits. Some of the best roleplaying I have ever been involved in took hours, and not one person hit another person
during the entire time.

If your character does something ultimately radical, like defeating Uddoch the Abomination while barehanded and hurt, then you'd be damn sure that if it were a real person, he or she would want EVERYONE to know exactly how cool they are. Hell, if you would like a story told about you, but don't really know how to do it, then go find a PC bard and ask/pay them to make a poem or song about it. Tell them the details, and let their imagination do the work. Don't try to
force the job on another PC, but if the person seems receptive to the idea, then why not?

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