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The Requiem for Roleplaying :: Levels, Gear and Stats

Levels, gear, and stats.

Three things that are *very* hard to effectively work in to an RP situation.

As for levels, your character should never refer to themselves as being 'level 67' or whatever. I would highly suggest thinking up some other title, or rank. Perhaps your monk is an initiate of the 36th chamber. Maybe you decide that at 20th level, your warrior would call himself a 'sellsword', at 50 a 'mercenary', and at 90th a 'sensei.' A druid or a ranger would most likely never even take on any notion of rank, as they would be comfortable with what they were and would have no need to quantify it for people of a more 'civilized' bent.

As for gear... if you are pissed about losing an object, then think of a reason in character to be pissed. You scrapped a bronze tube. So what? It's a bronze tube. But maybe it was the last thing your father gave you, and then you would have perfect right to stomp around and act angry.

Stats. Stats are to be avoided at all costs while roleplaying. If someone asks you your strength, don't freaking say "Oh, it's 20." Brag about it, if your character has a high strength, then say something like "I can pick up a zebra over my shoulder and run for a mile!" or something preposterous like that. Always try to think of a way to explain it, if the topic comes up. Don't just resort to a number.

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