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The Requiem for Roleplaying :: Thieves

Thieves are just as diverse as warriors. Anyone, from any walk of life, can be a thief. Robin Hood, Jesse James, John Dillenger, Alladdin. All very different people, but at the heart, all thieves.

A thief can be as styling or as dirty as you wish them to be, but all thieves, even the good ones, have a love for removing items from those not smart or quick enough to hang on to them. Most have a deep love for money, and a very hard time holding on to it.

As a thief you can be anything from nobility, to a low-life thug, to a street urchin. But you should come up with a reason on WHY your character is the way they are. Why do they feel the need to steal? Do they like the thrill? Do they have a family they need to feed? Are they insane?

Thieves tend to stick with lightweight armor, and carry a very sharp instrument in case they encounter someone who's life they need to steal.

Don't just go randomly stealing from people. Even if it's in character, it will most likely just get you dead very quickly, and hated by everyone.

Find lots of 'out of the way' places on the mud. Places where you can either stash your loot, or a place where you can run to when the barbarian with the shiny belt finds you trying to unbuckle it.

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