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The Requiem for Roleplaying :: Rangers

Rangers. Woodsman. Wanderers.

I can give no better description of a ranger than the one portrayed in Lord of the Rings: Fellowship. Strider. All rangers are very self-reliant. They prefer the wilderness to cities, and usually feel cramped when they are within city walls or small rooms. A ranger will use anything at hand to do anything he/she needs to do. They are typically a very strange breed of person, and are known for being distant and hard to befriend. However, it is well known that once you befriend a ranger, it is for life (barring certain circumstances). Rangers have a very close tie to the land, and are well known for using nature magic. They are extremely self-reliant in that they can repair almost any type of material.

Avoid cities unless you have to, and act all twitchy when you are inside one. Come to the aid of those in need that you find outside of Turien, help them, and then vanish, leaving them wondering exactly who that masked man was. Use your emote command to distance yourself from people. If you're at the fountain, emote that you stand away from the crowd. If you are in a bar, emote that you're sitting in a dark corner, smoking a pipe, watching everyone.

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