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The Requiem for Roleplaying :: Paladins


Paladins can be one of the most difficult classes to properly roleplay. Paladins typically carry only what they need, and give the rest to the church or to charity. They are the defenders of thier religion, the front line warriors in the battle between good, evil, and balance. They will fight to
the bitter end for what they believe in, and are well known for charging in to overwhelming odds and coming out on top.

Paladins are typically the most visual of any member of a religion, as they keep their armor in prime condition, in order not to disgrace the name of the God they worship in any way. Even the most evil paladin has a strong sense of honor and duty, and they also tend to be generous, but only to people they know they can control.

If a bit of your armor breaks, get it repaired. Make a big fuss over it. Just like a warrior, a paladin will typically have a name for a favorite weapon, but that name would most likely reflect the beliefs of the deity  the paladin serves.

If someone comes to you for help, either give it to them, or send them on a quest to prove that they are worthy of the help.

Remember your alignment and your god. If a paladin of God A and a paladin of God B are in the same room, they should definitely not be all chummy chummy and trading gear. Steel should be drawn, and words traded, possibly followed by blows.

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