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The Requiem for Roleplaying :: Ninjas

How do you tell a ninja from a normal person?

You don't.

A ninja can dress in anything from the typical 'black pajamas and toe socks' to looking like a barbarian, to prancing around glowing like a miniature sun and acting all tough. Ninjas typically will have two or three aliases or identities to fall back on. They are extremely secretive, and are known to be very hard to find. The main weapon of a ninja is stealth. Known for their skill in removing an opponent before they know what is happening, a ninja is no sluff in straight up combat, as they are very able to knock even the most sturdy giant on to his or her butt with a powerful kick.

Ninjas, like monks, are typically from 'eastern' or strange lands, and train in temples or monasteries for many years before being loosed to the world.

Think of another class that you can act like, and act like it. Tell everyone you are that class. If you *really* don't want your 'cover' blown, then don't group with anyone. This can make it very tough, as ninjas tend to go through movement points like a kid through candy, but it can pay off for a roleplaying aspect if you do it right.

Traditional 'black pajama' ninjas have a vow of silence that keeps them from speaking to anyone outside of the ninja clan, unless they are delivering a message.

Go ahead and use your ninja weapons when you're out ninja'ing, but don't forget to switch to a massive claymore or hammer or something when you come in to town, it will help people believe you are not a ninja if you use something bulky. Ninjas are also excellent at masquerading as monks, as they can just kick the snot out of something with bare hands and feet.

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