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The Requiem for Roleplaying :: Monks

Monks are martial artists of the highest calibre. Most come from remote lands and have strange customs and perhaps accents. They are typically not in any way concerned with money or gear, as they know that even while bare naked, they can put up a good fight to any warrior or blademaster.

Monks typically live very simple lives, travelling around, giving wisdom and help where needed, and not asking for anything but maybe a meal and a place to sleep in return.

Monks typically fight bare handed, but are well versed in a variety of 'exotic' weapons. They prefer wearing simple garments, and tend to shun things that bring them too much attention (like a 75 lb golden breastplate).

Think of some vows that your character could have. Vow of silence. Vow of poverty. Vow of chastity. Roleplay it out.


Talk and emote to your opponent while you are kicking the crap out of them. Try to show them the error of relying on a sword and shield.

If anyone challenges you to a duel, try to dissuade them, but if they persist then feel free to open up a 50 gallon drum of whoop (censored).

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