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The Requiem for Roleplaying :: Magic-Users

Magic Users. Also known as Mages, Sages, Enchanters, Witches, Warlocks, Summoners, and many other names. These are the guys that make and live in the ancient towers in deep misty forests, or castles that float in the sky. At lower levels, they tend to be brash and cocky, as the power of the universe is rather intoxicating. During mid-life, they tend to be reclusive, locking
themselves away from 'lesser' mortals as they study the higher magics. At old age, they tend to walk the world looking for ancient tomes of legend, or sit high in the tower and look out upon the world.

A mage's main interest is knowledge, and through that knowledge, power. They tend to carry a staff, or small weapon, and wear deep robes.

Act mysterious. Mages are all about acting enigmatic and being very weird. Talk in riddles, if you can.

Think up strange names for your spells. A fireball might be a fireball to one mage, called incindiary blast by another, and sphere of flame by another. Have an idea of where your power comes from. One mage might believe he draws power from the ether, or aether, another might refer to it as 'weaving reality' and yet another may draw the power from his spirit.

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