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The Requiem for Roleplaying :: Illusionists

Illusionists are about deception. They typically are even more mysterious than mages, and a few have been known to declare that absolutely nothing is real. An illusionist, even a good one, is not above lying to make themselves appear bigger in the eyes around them.

Other than that, most Illusionists are very much like mages, and are commonly mistaken for mages by the unwitting masses.

Think up a grandiose title. Something absolutely awe-inspiring, bordering on ridiculous.

Don't be afraid of trying to 'con' someone out of something, either with sleight of hand or sleight of word. But don't whine to the gods when you get caught. Be smart about it.

Think up even more amazing terms for your spells. Don't ever let anyone out-do you with the name of a spell. Add your name to the name of the spell, and tack on an unrealistic name to an otherwise normal spell:
Maracula's Massive Mysterious Missile of Malignance is a good name for the old classic: Magic Missile. Just as an example.

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