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The Requiem for Roleplaying :: Good

Good players should be mainly concerned with the well being of the people in the lands in which they dwell. Good characters tend to give to those in need, and go way out of their way for someone and not expect anything in return. They are typically very courteous of others, and for the most part believe in the essential goodness in other beings. They believe in such things as
justice, purity, and kindness. A properly roleplayed good character will, most likely, leave themselves open to being conned or robbed by some evil person... but a good person has absolutely no problem avenging the slight once it has occurred.

Some good people are all about following the laws of city and society, while others only care for promoting freedom and equality. Being good does *not* mean that you have to follow the laws of a city, but it *does* mean that you won't kill the guards if they come after you for doing something illegal.

Just because you are good does not mean you have to be a sucker, you can,  if you truely want to, play a raving lunatic who is obsessed with purging  the world of something your character perceives as evil, or unworthy (like  the Crusaders during the middle ages).

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