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The Requiem for Roleplaying :: Evil

Evil characters are typically concerned with only one thing, themselves. If they have a concern other than that, it's about having power. Evil people are typically very greedy and self oriented. They believe in taking what they can, when they can, and most couldn't give two farts about who they hurt in the process.

Most evil characters will not care about laws, but others may be more tyrannical, not caring about any laws that they don't make themselves. Being evil does not mean you have to skulk around in shadows and kill people and eat babies, an evil person can come from all walks of life. An evil person can be anything from a slaver, to a water merchant who won't give a spare drop to a dying person in a desert. Evil people will rarely give out services for free, and when they do, they typically ask for something from the receiver at a later date.

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