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The Requiem for Roleplaying :: Druids

Druids are magicians of nature. Traditionally, druids wear deep robes, erect strange stone monuments, and sacrifice bulls and stuff. In DL, the druid class extends to all sorts of people that worship nature, including shaman, witchdoctors, crazy hermits that talk to squirrels, and people who want to help nature reclaim what it has lost to the bipedal, 'civilized' races. They are loners and madmen, preferring the company of animals to most other beings. They typically dress in woodland colors, or perhaps a camouflaged metal armor. Most prefer to use staves, as when a weapon breaks in the wilderness, it can be hard to find another, unless that weapon is a big stick.

Druids have been known to be very territorial, defending a certain area, usually called a 'grove,' in any way they can.

Always spout off about how nature is superior to civilization. When one of your large, iron clad friends dies, help them get the corpse and then try to help them 'learn the error of their ways.'

Go ahead and be as calm or as violent as you want, nature is not a gentle place all the time, but it can be very peaceful. It is erratic, chaotic, and very very powerful when it gets moving.

If you decide to go the 'madman' route, have fun with it. Talk only to animals, or summon a 'pet' to talk for you.

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