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The Requiem for Roleplaying :: Clerics

Clerics are the mainline worshippers of a God. They actively try to recruit people in order to 'save' them, and are instrumental in healing and supporting the rest of any friends they may have.

A cleric's view on the world will differ wildly depending on who they serve. Most clerics prefer very heavy armor, combined with long robes. They use mostly blunt weapons in order to not get blood all over the sacred ornaments of their religion.

If you are a good cleric, heal everyone in need, and try to sway them to your religion. Everyone can be saved. Be generous to those of lower level, but not to the point of stupidity.

A neutral cleric is very concerned with the balance of the universe. If you encounter someone with vast potential, and little power, a neutral cleric would probably help the person attain that potential. If you encounter a moron with great power, it would be in the best interest of balance to make sure they learn wisdom, or die trying.

An evil cleric would most likely heal everyone in need, just like a cleric of good, but because everyone can be a pawn. Find a flunky, adopt them, and then commit a crime and pin blame on the flunky, to make sure they're worth your time and effort.

Clerics, above all, are interested in furthering the religion they serve. This DOES include making sure that other members are properly outfitted, usually at the cleric's expense.

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