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The Requiem for Roleplaying :: Cavaliers

Mostly horsemen, cavaliers come from a wide range of history. Mongul hordes, dragoons, lancers, through history they have had a great impact on the world that we, IRL, live in. The same would be true of DL.

Most cavaliers are very concerned with appearance. They are dashing men and women from different walks of live who have one thing in common: A deep love for riding, and most of the time, for one certain animal. They tend to wear maneuverable armor, strong but lightweight, and carry one large weapon for charging (a lance or spear), and a sword or smaller weapon for close-in combat.

Get a favorite mount. Think of a name for the mount. Treat the mount like a loved pet in real life. If it's wounded, get it healed, worry about it. I would *greatly* suggest watching Lord of the Rings: Two Towers, the Riders of Rohan are an EXCELLENT example of Cavaliers, without the lances.

Be a showman/woman. Get in to 'riding contests' with other riders.

Don't be so much concerned with the best gear stats, as what would look the best while charging and running your spear through an opponent.

Of all of the classes, except bards, Cavaliers are most worried about their

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