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The Requiem for Roleplaying :: Bards

Bards. Storytellers, singers, actors, musicians, artists and diplomats. These people come from all over, all walks of life, and all share one common interest: A love for art in one form or another.

Traditionally known to spend more on how they look than on how they live, bards are known far and wide as being the best people to have at parties and the like, as they have a knack for not letting things get too boring. They are the ones who write the songs about the warriors defeating the dragons, or of how a certain mage tricked and bound a demon in to a bedpan. They prefer armor that allows them a good freedom of movement, and tend towards weapons of a 'flashier' nature: rapiers, sabres, and weapons of 'skill'.

A bard is typically a treasured member of any adventuring group, both for the worth of the stories told of companions, and for the various magical effects they can produce through art.

Not all bards have to sing... even though the spells are called 'songs.' Feel free to make up a few emotes to go along with what you are doing... if you are playing a 'war song', then you may blast someone with a trumpet, or hit a massive drum to shake the earth around you.

Be very concerned with how you look in any environment. If you are on a mountain, emote about how the wind is flowing through your hair, etc. Be as dramatic or melodramatic as you wish to be, but have fun with it.

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