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The Requiem for Roleplaying :: Barbarians

Conan. Kull the Conqueror. Riverwind.

Barbarians are typically the paragons of physical ability. They are savages and men/women that have grown up outside of civilization, having nothing to rely on but themselves for survival. Some come from tribes, some were slaves. But all of them are very physically powerful, and they all share a deep distrust of anything magical, a distrust that borders on hatred. A barbarian will rarely, if ever, ask for help, and will sometimes refuse that help for nothing other than a matter of pride. They do not care about the laws of civilization, as they know they can live outside of it. Barbarians, typically, tend to prefer armor made from pelts and animal hides,
and will most likely be carrying the heaviest thing they can to beat people with.

Barbarians are usually not used to speaking well. They slurr. They forget long words. They refuse to use 'good grammar.' Barbarians are VERY proud of not needing magic. If you have a magic using friend, in character, you should have a good reason why that person is a friend to your character. Refuse to be healed sometimes, don't eat bread or drink water that has been conjured. Small things like this will add greatly to your feel for your character.


If you find a magical item, and try to wear it by accident, then feel free to freak out, and break it, or sacrifice it. And woe to the person who gives you a magical item, as they are obviously trying to trick you or bewitch you. Don't automatically kill them, but roleplay out your displeasure. Stomp around, scream barbarically, act threatening.

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