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The Requiem for Roleplaying :: Assassins

Assassins are murderers. Pure and simple. That's what they do, and they do it well. To an assassin, reputation is everything. Maybe you don't want every person in the world to know your face, but you should be *very* concerned with how they view you. An assassin with a good reputation can make wagonloads of gold. All it takes is you making sure that people know what you've done. Unfortunately, most of the time, by spreading your name around, people who knew
someone you targeted will come after you. But that's all part of the game to an assassin, and what better reputation could you get than flawlessly slaying your mark, and then taking out 5 of his friends who decided to come after you? They typically wear darker colors, carry many small weapons, and tend to listen carefully before speaking.

Find an older assassin, if you can, and ask to be their apprentice. They will most likely say yes if you prove you know what you're doing. If not, they'll probably just kill you for wasting time.

Make up a few stories of things you have done, or embellish upon things you have actually accomplished.

Make a few rules for yourself, 'No women, no children' or something like that. Be ready to lie, cheat, and steal to get your mark out in the open and alone so you can collect your bounty.

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