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Welcome to the official Distant Lands MUD website
Click here - Download the Windows DL2 MUD Client

Click here - New Distant Lands Introduction Video

   Distant Lands is a rich roleplaying MUD featuring over 130 unique zones to explore. There are 21 different races and 14 classes you may select from to either run around hacking and slashing your way to the top or roleplaying with some of the best around. Meet and play with people from around the world. Connect to dl2.net on port 23 or 4000 and join the fun!

We continue to get new players from being noticed in the voting polls, and that's what drives us to continually make the game better!

In addition to voting, spread the word on the streets! You can download a flyer made by one of our players.

Download it here (Adobe PDF -- 161kb)

The DL2 MUD Client

This client was created specifically for Distant Lands. Currently only available for Windows. For help using the client, click here.

The DL Forums

Discussions about nearly every aspect of Distant Lands and beyond can be had in our forums. Join up and check it out!

New to DL?

Get help doing many of the basics to get started playing DL.

New to roleplaying?

Check out this VERY comprehensive guide to roleplaying, written by master roleplayer, DL's own Grel.

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