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There are several types of items and commands to use these items in
Distant Lands. Items can be worn, used as weapons, looked at and often
tossed aside because they are not needed. You will often find
containers that can be locked and possibly holding other items.

The following are examples of "standard item manipulations":

> <command> item       Apply command to first item matching name.

> <command> 4.item     Apply command to forth item matching name.

> <command> 4*item     Apply command to first four items matching name.

> <command> all.item   Apply command to every item matching name.

> <command> all item   Apply command to every item matching name.

See Also:  Wear, Bear, Hold, Wield, Get, Give, Grab, Donate, Look, Put, 
           Take, Containers, Lock, Unlock, Open, Close, Inventory, Use, 
           Equipment, Weapons, Remove, Read, Drop, Buy, Sell, Value
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