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There are many ways to communicate in Distant Lands. Global communications
are conversations that are heard by everyone or by people in certain areas
of the realms. There are many forms of more private ways to talk. These
include, tell, say, mutter, reply, whisper, emote, actions, group-say and ask.
Also available to communicate is the mail and writing on the various boards
throughout the realms. There are certain rules that apply to ALL forms of

1) Swearing and vulgarity (use of any four letter words or slang for such
   words) will result in loss of the command. This includes "masking" (using
   symbols or numbers in place of letters) and abbreviations of bad words.

2) Comments that slander another player in Distant Lands or comments
   meant to purposely offend another player will result in loss of command.
   This includes racial slurrs and racially "charged" statements.

3) Unnecessary spamming on ANY global will result in loss of the command.
   Saying the same thing (or even almost the same thing) more than 3 times 
   in a 15 minute period.

4) After losing one channel should you proceed to abuse another this will
   likely result in the loss of all ability to communicate. Please do not
   do this.

Have a little consideration and respect for others and use common sense
and everything should be ok.

See Also:  Globals, Tells, Reply, Say, Mutter, Emote, Actions, Whisper, 
           Group-say, Ask, Mail, Write, Boards, Toggle, Ignore, Thinks, 
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