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Library :: The Devil's Player

By Pyros

The night grew dark. After the cloaked drow exited the inn, he decided to mosey north towards the fountain. The shadows grew together about him until no shape could be distinguished from the night air. As he came upon the fountain unnoticed, he heard two large rumbling voices. He soon learned these voices belonged to a large half cloud giant and a small hill dwarf. He took a peak at what the dwarf was wearing; usual adventurer wear; nothing of interest. He then directed his eyes toward the half giant standing five or six feet above his eyes. Beautiful mithril armor incrusted in gems of all colors covered his body. His complex mind shot an idea straight to his body.

He waited patiently for the giant to finish babbling like a brook in spring and freshen up. After he seemed to be rested, he stood his full height and stretched. He unsheathed two long blades that looked like sharpened icicles. The sound of metal against the scabbard sent a chill down his back, but the drow's heart was set. The giant said something else to the dwarf, and laughed. Hopefully the last thing he would say, he waved and started slowly walking westward towards the gate. The drow followed, he moved with experience, like he had done this many times before.

Moving slowly after the giant, a little behind so as not to be seen, the shadows enveloped him and moved with every twitch. After clearing the gate and moving a little past the last knight guarding the city the drow smirked. Nobody around to hear the scream, if he gets it out he thought as he snickered to himself. Just then the giant went around a bend further down the path. He'll never know what hit him.

As the drow made his way around the large tree at the turn in the road, he saw a quick movement out of the corner of his eye. Fear raced through his veins. A trap!?

He quickly ducked further into the shadows and saw what was taking place. Competition, a half elf smaller than normal half elves leaped out of the brush and slammed his blade against the giant's armor, bewildered the half elf backed up. The giant raised his great swords and sliced him down. Bet that tickled. His attention came back to the giant. He was saying something the drow could barely make out, 'I thought I heard some snickering back there, heh.'

The drow smirked and as soon as the giant turned to the direction he was heading he made his move. Placing his deadly dagger into the giant's back, he fell. After watching the pain in the giant's eyes a while, he shoved his blade into his neck. 'You did hear snickering,' he said with a grin. After removing the blade from the giant's neck he took all of his possessions and threw the corpse into the forest. 'Another hard day at work, I can pawn this for more trouble than it took to get it, though,' he thought while fingering the giant coat of mithril. 'I could probably get the dwarf also if I hurried back.'

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