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Library :: The Birth of Conflict

By Tsaige

Before The Great Reformation, two races were created by Eratsai to act as agents on her world. They would silently monitor the growth of the civilizations, and would step in to correct an imbalance by exerting influence on the inhabitants. One race was meant to defend the weak and uphold noble ideals. Another was meant to act as a counterbalance, to help turn the cycle of life by causing death and destruction, and to corrupt ideals, so that they may be given meaning, and to cause suffering, so that true joy can be felt.

The races were given this task, and for a time, performed it without question, for they, unlike Eratsai's other creations, were not given free will, and knew nothing but their appointed task.. But, it came to pass that two, one of either race, were born of free will, and both began to question their purpose on this world. They found it again in each other. Their bodies and minds fused into one being, and thus became the ultimate embodiment of conflict. This new being had both the power to destroy and to create. It knew love. It knew hatred. It was a new concept to Eratsai, for though it had equal amounts of good and evil, order and chaos, it did not present a balance, but rather a continuous and violent clash of either extreme.

Eratsai's first reaction to this was curiosity. The idea of conflict seemed to accelerate the development of her other creations. While the balance she had been maintaining continually created order from the surrounding chaos, Conflict continuously created chaos from order, only to allow order to reclaim ground. It was the one ingredient she was lacking in her creations.

But having Conflict in such a concentrated form was dangerous. At any moment, it could destroy everything she had created, only to begin again. She decided that she must split Conflict, and dilute it within the hearts of mortals, and that is how the mind and spirit of Conflict came to reside in the collective consciousness of all mortals.

The Spirit of Conflict was not divided equally among all mortals. Some were given large amounts of conflict, and others less, so that it came be that there were those who closely followed one doctrine or the other, good or evil. Over time, as like followed like, the sides separated more and more, until there came a time when the spirit of Conflict was once again split as it had been before.

This caused much grief, as mortals felt the sense of loss and longing that the two spirits had for each other. Faced with this grief, each spirit sought to take a mortal form once again, and succeeded. Their mortal bodies did not have the capacity to contain the spirits in their entirety, however, and so only a small amount of each side of the spirit could be contained in each body. Yet, it would have to be enough. The spirits then used all of their influence to bring their two mortal forms together. The evil side of Conflict chose the body of a half cloud giant named Sith, while the good side chose the body of a changeling named Sophea.

For a time, they were happy together, living a normal mortal life, complimenting each other's personalities perfectly. But soon their mortal bodies began to fail them, as age took its toll. This time, Eratsai seeing that the couple were now ready to coexist peacefully, fashioned a new body for them, which they could share, and vowed that she would continue doing so as long as they wished to stay alive.

Only Eratsai knows where they are today, for she could

not make an exception during The Great Reformation

just for them. Their memories were erased along with

all the other mortals, though fragments may still remain.

Tsaige, The Wandering Warrior

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