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Library :: The Story of Ryle

By Ryle

I am Ryle Sworder, son of Aric and Cynaria Sworder.

This is the story of a childhood filled with both joy and sadness...

I was borne on the 11th, the day of revenge, in the Month of Shadow Passage, of the year 281.

I come from a once peaceful elven village named Lozalan. My father and mother told me they met while she was out gathering flowers for an upcoming festival. Things transpired and after a while they fell in love. 3 years later I was borne into the world. Unfortunately the village elders looked down upon the union between my mother and father but never spoke up until I was borne. My mother told me the elders convened a meeting to decide what to do with me. Both my mother and me were to be exiled from the village. This being the result we went to my father's hometown of Chaltiford.

The people there accepted us and we led a good life for thirteen years. My mother became a seamstress and my father was personal guard to the town mayor. However, years later a dreadful winter struck so fiercely that our food reserves dwindled to nothing quickly. A party of towns-people was summoned to ask the village elders of Lozalon for food. As it happens the elves were having their share of problems to, but had ample food. They said they could not spare any food for risk of loosing their own supplies.

From then on the story becomes inaccurate. Some say that once the group had been told this they became outraged and started attacking the elves. Others say a group of dissident elves that did not like the human presence attacked them. No matter what happened my father was dispatched to find out what took place. My mother had an adventurous soul, and begged my father to let her come so she could see her old home. My father reluctantly agreed, for no one often won an argument with her. So they told me to stay home and watch over things while they were gone. But my own spirit of adventure got the best of me and I followed my mother, father, and their escort to the village.

When they arrived the village seemed deserted. Upon going to inspect what had happened my mother and father were ambushed by a group of the dissident elves. The elves attacked the escort and easily dispatched them. However, my father was not so easily subdued. He fought the elves, while I hid in the woods too afraid to do anything. My father fought valiantly but he could not hold back the numbers. With a swift thrust the elf that looked to be the leader placed his blade into my father's chest. The look of agony on his face soon subsided as his life spilled out onto the ground.

I let out an angry yell when I saw this take place. A few elves heard it and saw where I was hidden. Afraid and scared I couldn't do a thing a they approached me. They pulled me to where my father's body laid lifeless on the ground. My mother was crying the whole time and screaming at the leader of the elves. Not being pleased he swung the blade towards me. My mother managed to get loose from her holders and fell between the blade and me. A yelp came from her throat as she fell lifeless into my arms. I realized I was not crying anymore for I had no more tears to cry. I sat there, my mother's body draped over me crying empty tears not fully understanding what was going on.

The last thing I can remember of the dreadful day was seeing my parents lay lifeless right next to each other on the cold frozen ground. I heard a voice say 'You shall live but, only to tell what happened here toda.' I then felt blood run down my neck and the feel of the cold ground on my face right before I passed out.

I woke up hours later, cold and still in shock about what happened. I looked around but my mother's and father's bodies were no where to be found. I began wandering in the cold darkness of the night. I walked for hours before I finally gave out near a small road. The next morning I was awoke by the rumbling sound of wagon wheels.

A group of priests had happened by and found me lying asleep on the road edge. The priests were from a temple very far from my town. They were on a mission to bring my town food nonetheless. I told as much of the events to them as I could remember. The priests offered me the shelter of their temple. They said they would help me recuperate and later train me in the ways of a paladin.

Four years later I told the priests that it was time for me to go and help right the injustices taking place everyday. The priests agreed and told me to make my way to the city of Turien. There they said I would find people to help train me further. So that is where I am now, co-leader of the Dragons of the Mystic Star guild with Anubas Wildfire and Ithaca Blackwulf.

My title 'Three-Winged Angel', that's what I truly believe my mother and father were, Three Winged Angels.

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