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Library :: The Chronology of Nez

By an unknown author

 Many many millennia ago, in another dimension somewhere within the astral plains, there was a beautiful world called Nez. And a truly magnificent place it was, covered with vast forests, bountiful fields, gorgeous gardens, mirrored lakes, snow-topped mountains, heavenly waterfalls, and gentle seas. A land where all the many races of the world lived together in peace and harmony. Nez was one of the most glorious realms in all of the known dimensions, until one day, it happened.

A sudden and horrific war between the many Gods of the lands of Nez had begun. No one knows how it started, why it started, or by whom it had started, but the war lasted for many thousands of years. The Heavens shook, the earth cracked, the mountains crumbled, and the sea bled.

Famine and pestilence spread across the lands like a tidal wave. The horrifying cries of pain, sorrow, and death echoed throughout the realm. And many a desperate prayer for salvation went unanswered.

Many Gods, Lesser-Gods, and Demigods were slaughtered during this war. They were cut down one by one, all the while the ranks of the immortals quickly dwindled, as they were purged by earth, fire, wind, water, magic, and steel. Until, finally, there were only three Gods left: Noirceur, the Goddess of Evil; Gris, the God of Neutrality; and Divin the Goddess of Goodness.

For more than a millennia the three Gods continued their war. Every time it seemed that one of them would begin to gain the upper hand, the other two would snatch victory out of his or her grasp. So the war continued on and on as the once beautiful world of Nez slowly died.

As time passed, Noirceur, being the craftiest of the three, began to understand that in a three-way war, no one could win, not even herself. So to turn the tables in her favor, she seduced Gris and made a pact with him that would ultimately destroy Divin.

Both Gris and Noirceur came to Divin with the promise of peace, which of course the Goddess of Goodness had high hopes for, ever since the beginning of the war. Divin had hoped to spare Nez from any more death and desolation, which, apparently, seemed to be the byproduct of the War of the Gods. But with Divin's hopes to save Nez came a blind trust of Gris and Noirceur, which was eventually repaid with betrayal and murder. Divin's hopes for the rejuvenation of peace and beauty to the lands of Nez quickly flowed out of her, the same way her life's blood had after she was cut down by the sinister couple.

But no sooner than the Goddess of Goodness was defeated did Noirceur betray Gris. The Immortal couple commenced in the pleasures of one another's virtues in celebration of their victory. And afterwards, as Gris slumbered, the Goddess of Darkness took advantage of this, his time of weakness, and imprisoned him within a massive crystal, to be tortured for all eternity by his foolish trust in Noirceur's love. And thus the war had finally come to an end, and Evil was the victor.

But without the war to keep her interests, Noirceur became quite bored. She wandered aimlessly amongst the realm looking for some cheap thrills, till finally she decided to use the mortals of Nez for her own, personal, amusement. She created vast plagues and famines, floods and earthquakes, tore lovers apart, and wiped out entire races. In time these little games began to bore her too, so she started a new war, but this time, it was a war of mortals.

Without the Goddess of Goodness to protect them, the mortal followers of Good were either massacred or enslaved as those of Neutrality were quickly turned towards the dark powers Evil. Lovers became killers, friends became enemies, sons assassinated their fathers, brother fought brother, healers became murderers, and thievery was rampant. Time passed, as it always does, as Noirceur relished in her torturing of the mortals, all the while Gris tried summoning his many powers in the hopes of escaping his horrible prison.

Noirceur toyed with her mortal playthings for many centuries, until Gris was finally able to escape his imprisonment, bringing an end to her Evil Reign. Before the Goddess of Evil even knew that her prisoner was free, Gris had enacted his revenge upon her.

At the time of Gris' escape Noirceur was conjuring a very powerful plague. She had to call upon the darkest of her powers to create this vile pestilence. For it was a plague that would only affect the innocent and the pure of heart and soul. With it, Goodness would be totally eradicated from the lands of Nez. Forever sealing the dying realm in the unending darkness of Evil.

Noirceur was quite pleased with this, her latest conjuring. So pleased that she had not noticed the shadow looming behind her as she conjured the finishing touches of the plague. And as she was just about to release her new creation upon the unsuspecting mortals of the realm, Gris cut her asunder, ending her malevolence forever. The God of Neutrality slayed Noirceur at a time when she felt that nothing could stop her. And thus, Gris was the only God left alive in the lands of Nez.

But unfortunately Gris' escape was too late to spare the realm of Nez from Noirceur's malignancy. Even without the vile plague, all but a few of the followers of Good and Neutrality remained, and Evil was everywhere. Gris could not turn the tides of the war and level the battle field, for he was too exhausted after his escape from the crystal and subsequent destruction of Noirceur. All he could do was sit and watch as the evil mortals of Nez ravaged the lands while those of Good and Neutrality cried out in horror. There was nothing he could do to answer their prayers and save the realm, for his powers were far too impotent to cause a change.

In fact, his powers were so spent that if the Evil mortals of Nez were to ally themselves against him, he would easily be slain, and they could take over the entire realm for themselves. So Gris was desperate. He needed to find some way to rid himself of this quandary with what few remaining powers he had left. So he sat in deep contemplation, hoping to solve this evil puzzle before him. And as he sat there, the screams of the innocent of Nez filled his head while Evil slowly grew even stronger. It took him more than a century to find the only option that was left available for him; a century full of grief, pain, and sorrow.

Gris summoned the last of his powers and created a small portal that led to another dimension far from Nez. A place where he could send the strongest, trickiest, craftiest, and most powerful of the Evil mortals. A place where these mortals would be weak and could do him no harm. A place where they would be trapped while he bided his time in hopes of regaining his powers. And so the God of Neutrality took all of the cruelest leaders, the most malevolent sorcerers, the most immoral warriors, the most vicious barbarians, and the vilest thieves and sent them through this, as Gris hoped, would be the portal of salvation.

And thus the evil mortals from Nez did twist and turn through the portal. Screaming in hatred and anger throughout their long journey, as they cursed Gris for his interference. Until finally, they reached their destination.

No one can say how long they traveled, but as these 'Worst of the Worst' mortals of Nez awoke, they found themselves transported to a place much different from their home world of Nez. A world quite distant from their own. Lands that lie far from their allies and their enemies. A realm called Distant Lands. Their weapons and armor were stripped from them during their long exile through the portal, their skills unusable, and their spells were unresponsive in this strange world. They were literally as helpless as babes.

The Evil mortals from Nez, who would usually be found at each other's throats, were forced to make a pact between themselves. They would band together and build in power in this new land. Aspiring to one day appease the great God of Darkness in this new realm in the hopes that he can send them home. And if they did return to their homeland, eventually they would slay Gris and rightfully take control of the lands of Nez. And thus, the Dark Order of Nez was born.

NOT THE END . . . 

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