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Library :: The Birth of Leyon

By an unknown author

The war between two elven tribes, the Malisteans and the Visraelites, in a far away place lasted for years and years. Neither side would gain victory. The golden elves, however, were starting to lose against the drows. Darrius, the general of the Visraelites, knew that the drows would finally win. On a warm night, the general was at the barracks with his army.

"Visraelites! Once upon the battlefields again, once more. Or close the wall up with our Visraelites dead We have no choice! We either die by surrendering or die by defending But when the blast of war blows in our ears we shall imitate the action of the tiger stiffen the sinews, summon up the blood, disguise fair nature with our furious rage follow your spirit and upon this charge, cry for the good goddess Celestial!"

The next night, when the drows were sleeping, the Visraelites sneaked into the drow encampment. However, one of the Visraelites tripped over a rock and fell into a lake. This arose the sleeping drows and the final battle began. The army of men, women, and children warriors of the Visrael tribe charged against the Malistean army. In this battle, Darrius's pregnant wife Venedict, was fighting with Darrius. Something tragic happened. Darrius was backstabbed and assassinated by a drow assassin and the Visraelite army was defeated quickly. In his weak breath, Darrius cried out to his wife.

"Venedict, my beloved, a many moons walk toward the southeast and into the mountains, there is a city called Rocksport, a city of humans. Go there and give birth to our child. Please, train him a warrior. And, peace be with you."

Darrius had to use a lot of effort to breathe. His wife held his head with her small hands and wept loudly.

"Go now, before it is too late. The drows will be after you."

After saying this, Darrius closed his eyes and his body was lifeless. Venedict wept loudly for a few minutes. Then, she quickly hid in the forests until the battle was over.

At dawn, the remaining Visraelites cremated the bodies of their people and threw ashes into a lake in which they lived next to. Venedict along with a few living golden elves departed to Rocksport which was southeast toward the long and wide mountain ranges.

During this journey, the Visraelites were running low on supplies and needed money to buy some hunting weapons. They made a stop at a small town to trade with the townsfolks. They encountered a small clan of human cattle herders. The Visraelites stayed in this little town for a week. During this time, the Visraelites helped herd the cattles and made some money. With the money, they bought food and clothings to prepare themselves for winter. At this time, Venedict was pregnant for eight and a half months. Giving birth to this child was nearing.

"My lady Venedict, shall we continue our departure to this city of Rocksport?"

"Yes, we must go now. My time of giving birth is nearing."

The departure continued. The small group barely crossed the mountain range and then headed for the desert.

"Let's beware of sand stalkers and cross this desert carefully," Venedict said.

The Visraelites agreed. They crossed the desert within a week. They did not encounter any bandits. Now, Venedict was pregnant for nine months. Her labor started and was a terrible one.

"My lady! I think we can make it to the infirmary in time," one of the Visraelite woman said. However, before the group could reach Rocksport, they encountered a group of evil drows.

The Visraelites ran. Two of the men carried Venedict. Everyone else was slain except for these two men and Venedict. They fled to Rocksport just in time to let Venedict bore her child. She went through hard labor and when her child came out, she saw her child and knew that the baby was a boy. She tried to reach her arms out to her boy but they failed. Venedict barely cried out in a little voice.

"Leyon! Call him by his grandfather's name."

Venedict gave out one last breath and closed her eyes.

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