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What is Roleplaying?

Roleplaying is defined as:

   To assume deliberately the part or role of; act out.

What does that mean? It means that while roleplaying you are
expected to actually pretend you BECOME your character. Further,
all commands you use that are considered in character MUST
reflect the persona of your character. Also, typically, out of
character commands should NOT reflect or influence your character
in any way.

The following examples are typical of NOT ROLEPLAYING:

> say Hey, what's up dude?

> say Hrmm, I'm a level 50 barbarian, what class and level are you?

> say We should kill Thusina, she's a putz.

> shout Hey, is anyone going to see Metallica tonight?

Here are a few example of things that WOULD be considered roleplaying:

> say Lord, what is it that you seek?

> say I'm not going in there!  There's a dragon!

> say Could I please have some food? I'm about to starve to death!

> shout Be gone foul beast!  Or ye shall meet a swift death!

See Also:  Out of Character (OOC) Commands, In Character (IC) Commands, 
           Description, Background
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