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Guild Lore Items

When players successfully complete a quest they will receive a guild
lore item. If the player is Ready for Quest they get a talisman of
guild lore and if not, they get a pendant of limited guild lore. It may
also be possible to obtain lesser guild lore items in other situations.

You must be an avatar or god in order to utilize guild lore items.
In order to use one, you must present it to a guild master, however,
there are a number of restrictions so they will not always accept it.
For example, items of limited guild lore can only be presented to the
guild master for your original primary class (until you obtain level
300 in your primary class).

The ultimate effect of presenting a guild lore item and having it
accepted is an increase in level for the player in the class of
the guild master the item is presented to, allowing players to
multi-class (above level 99).

To present a guild lore item to a guild master:

> present lore master

Here is some additional information about the restrictions for the
multi-class selection process:

o You can always choose Warrior, Cleric, Magic-User or Thief.

o To multi-class in Cavalier, Barbarian or Ranger, you must first
  have Warrior, Cavalier, Barbarian, Ranger or Paladin.

o To multi-class in Druid you must first have Cleric, Paladin, or Monk.

o To multi-class in Paladin you must first have Warrior, Cavalier,
  Barbarian, Ranger, Cleric, Druid or Monk.

o To multi-class in Monk you must first have Cleric, Druid, Paladin,
  Thief, Assassin, Ninja or Bard.

o To multi-class in Assassin, Ninja or Bard, you must first
  have Monk, Thief, Assassin, Ninja, or Bard.

o To multi-class in Illusionist you must first have Magic-User.

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