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 Post subject: The importance of constitution for New Players!
PostPosted: Tue Jan 30, 2007 3:07 am 

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If you're a new player and wonder what that constitution statistic is all about, here's the place to look!

If you're not up for really reading, skip down below and just read the bold lettering near the bottom :)

It's definitely one of THE most vital statistics in your attributes! Jorlain has a great explanation of the maximum statistics on his post, but I'd like to give a little refresher here:

The maximum a statistic one can ever reach is 25, never higher. Whatever statistic you begin the game at level 1 with, you can at most double it using items... so if you start off with a natural luck score of 5... you'll never ever be able to make it go higher than 10! So if you ever want to hit that game high of 25 for a statistic, you'll need to start the game with at least 13.

Now on to the point of this post! Why is constitution so important? Because it's a statistic you can chance throughout the game. It's the only statistic you have that can naturally without items go up and down. It usually goes down more often than up. Very very rarely potions can be found that increase your natural constitution, sometimes staff members decide to give them out for good accomplishments or to players that win arenas battles.

Now your natural constitution going down is what you have to worry about! Anytime you die to a monster, or anything around you such as the environment, or hunger or any of the things that can mortally wound you there's a chance of you losing a natural constitution point! Now who really cares? You should! Because if your natural constitution ever reaches 0... you die, permanently! No coming back, no second chance. The majority of higher level players struggle to keep higher natural constitutions so they can keep going. Plenty of them struggle to keep it above 0. You really should expect to die at some point during the game, no matter how careful you are, sometimes things just don't go right :)

Constitution while keeping you alive, is also one of the major attributes used to calculate your permanent health gains when you level, thus the higher your constitution scores when you level, the higher your overall health will be, which is a really good thing.

My suggestion to all newer players it to try to make your natural constitution 18 or as high as possible right when you start. You'll live longer and your health will be better!

Feel free to ask questions to any players or me if you see me, I play in the realm as Alysandir, Mortius, and Grumbledorf, I usually try to respond and help newer players learn the basics and level a bit as much as I can, but sometimes I'm roleplaying, or a little preoccupied. Feel free to send me a tell!


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