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 Post subject: Future considerations for combat enhancement.
PostPosted: Thu Jul 31, 2008 8:22 pm 
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I've noticed the enjoyment of beying capable of stacking multiple foes against me with bash, kick, spells, whatever way you throw it down on the playground, every different variation is a significant source of thrill within my travels...
I love mixing these combinations enough they provide perfect relaxation in a hack/slash environment...

BUT, I long for more nez..
How complicated is this to make possible?
Allow combatant classes to slice up their number of hits in accordance to up (lets say) strictly 5 if not 8 (for monks) opponents.
Somehow be capable of syntaxing number assignments to the 5 as a prefference.
A system to recognize the output of a players current wield status mounted and not that changes to an optional toggle menue.
Say toggle multiple foe?
That lets a player assign randomly numbers up to 5 aggressives.

Sort of causes a problem because you can't depict how many things someone will play with.
Optional to assign direct attacks in their random choice.
Players wanting to distribute half advances would type AT1 3 and AT2 3, while leaving all the choices up to AT5 blank.
Anyone just wanting to attack and distribute equally would have AT1,AT2,AT3,AT4,AT5 on one that would allow it to if needed attack the possible 5 attackers with one hit each. (Given they're dual wielding and can do so)

Now then the next question
What happens if just 2 agressives attack and the player has up to AT5 with 1. What's the ratio then?
If you make it so players can choose how they defend themselves with up to 5 combinational options then that'd be alot of interface work that needed to be done. How does gooey simplify it down to something pratical..
If a player had it on up to AT5 with 1 their attacks would automatically if possible divide the attacks evenly upon the first NPC attacked until last on this last to first basis...
Making it that complicated as up there would be annoying and useless. Just something to get lost in..
But the last to first order would work.
Anyone with AT1,AT2,AT3 above 2 causes them to only be capable of attacking 1-3 people, although if they can constantly adapt their numbers for the first 3 options then they could bypass one agressor with AT1 at 1 and so on up until about AT3 until at AT4 they could significantly add 1 distributional blow... past AT4 there is no reason to need anything but one...

That sorta administirs that overall either AT1-AT5 to a 1 all basis or a residual AT1-AT3 variation..

Now then let someone like myself ask why does something like this benifit the game right now...
It dosn't, sorry.

Just something I wanted to through out in the whole scheme of things.
I've died alot to attacking multiple things and trying to knock them down in order with all sorts of alias variations.
Call it a fancy if you will.
And yeah Area spells are the ritz cracker of fufillment to any PC in the game for mass slaughter, this is just a flavor additive if you will for the possible distant lands future attack possibilites.

One really fun one if you ask me...
But I wouldn't trust my advice on anything this calliber.

thanks :) :

connecting old lands that have been used up

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