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 Post subject: The Rat Race
PostPosted: Tue Feb 19, 2008 8:24 pm 
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So recently, I've noticed a few sponsered activities.
The quad gold weekend, and the player per experience week that is currently in session.
Applause and kudos for the significant contributions to increasing the player basin, even if it does just last a week.

I sorta like the extra company when you log on, as well not to mention the new two extra bases to attract players mudconnector and the rpg gateway. Crossing my fingers so that they might pull in some raw recources.

Now then we're wondering why I titled this the rat race.
When I constantly overlook the forums when I'm here people seem
to be biquering about a couple things primarily.
Bags of holding, Mpp gains, and constitution loss.
It was nice to see an experience twist conglomerate us all together
again without these three things being apart of the topic.

Lets get down to buisness though, I've the recollection of a MOTD
stating a player of the month would be accepted for roleplaying.
My best guess that since we're nearly through the second month and maybe by chance I just havn't bisited the right section of the website..
Still I beieve there to be no nominee.

I'm not all to worried, my buest guess is that the type of rp aquired through the month hasn't been anything too spectacular. And with that I'm guessing we all forget our roots of the story.

So perhaps lets give this a one time whirl.
Lets try a Three day weekend marathon event all about the roleplay.
Not just the experience or gold, although those worked hella nice.
Lets have a friday through sunday, or a saturday through monday event, where the Motd states nothing other than this event is all about the roleplay.

Be sorta crucial though that staff members be present, and with the lack thereof I think it's time we get down to a personal level of training your future staff members. I for one would be down for anyone to wilingly send letters and try to set up times when they can pull me through this piece of a problem I'm in on getting promoted.
Anyways now that the staff precense has been enlisted here.
Lets have this three day weekend were you guys come here to roleplay together, several mini task set asside and hidden to be activated when the staff member feels it essential or useful.

But during this weekend lets just not give aways MPP's for the
interseting roleplay parts taken and given, lets award a whole
constitution point itself to players for good quality kick chicken righteous roleplay. Maybe event create a few special potions, items, weapons, spells, or whatever to hand out in the minitasks I've stated.

You'll be wondering why I'm intersted in this sort of stuff.
I'd like there to be more Roleplay avaliable than just those we orgestrate with whomever is on, and the chance that anyone or someone can join in at a seconds notice to add that suprise element.

Hell during these weekends award Mpp's to those whom have completed an hour of roleplaying alone or whom have sat around trying to instigate a mass roleplay session..

These awards don't have to be won through group efforst either.
If you see a single mortal typing their hearts out to create their style of what they consider roleplay, then by all means constitution them up.
This might seem like a cheap way to encourage things.
But seeings as to how their the biggest contriversial attributes in the game, why not use them to our leverage to stimulate minds and possibly
try to help everyone help themselves in becomming a more capable roleplayer than we currently are.

Because I fore one know this personally, we've always got room to improve no matter how good we think we've managed to become.

The games most annoying typer,

connecting old lands that have been used up

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