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 Post subject: Druid Spell Ideas
PostPosted: Wed Aug 01, 2018 9:15 pm 

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The point of this post is to provide new spell ideas for the Druid class. Some of the following may also be applicable to other classes like Ranger. This post does not delve into new Druid skill ideas. These would be spells earned over a player's Druid career. The greatest spells would be unlocked around level 350.

Druid spell ideas
-Changes to existing spells-
Graniteskin: Take graniteskin from magic-users and give it to druids instead.

Steelskin: Take steelskin from magic-users and give it to druids instead.

Improved Strength: Take improved strength from magic-users and give it to druids instead.

These changes may encourage more people to take talismans in druid to gain some of the benefits of stops and strength buffs.

-New spells-
Adamantiumskin: Like all the previous iterations before it, this spell would cause the caster to increase their stops for a limited time. Is better overall compared to Steelskin, but would be more of level 350 spell. "Your skin hardens as layers of adamantium begin to form."

Summon Elder Worm: This would function in similar style to the magic-user’s summon spells except this would bring an elder worm into creation – a massive, powerful creature. “Dirt and debris explode around you as a massive worm erupts onto the surface!”

Summon Nature’s Ally 1-5: This would function in similar style to the magic-user’s Monsum spell.

Conjure Elder Elemental (fire, water, earth, or air): This would function in similar style to the Elder Worm summon spell except this would bring an elder elemental into creation. “You hear a low pitched growl as a massive creature made of fire/water/stone/air appears before you!”

Wasp Swarm: Conjure a swarm of wasps (counts as one MOB, but the text flavor can suggest it’s a swarm of thousands) that sting and attack a target. Their multiple stings cause damage and poison the target. “

Fairy Swarm: Similar to Wasp Swarm except the druid conjures a swarm of tiny fairies to aid her/him. The fairies deal damage and can cause a chance for the target to become temporarily blinded (blind effect lasts for 4 prompts?).

Poison Cloud: Similar to the cleric’s earthquake spell except it causes all targets in the room to become poisoned dealing damage over time. “A green gas fills the room!”

Enchant Weapon Fire (or ice or electricity): When cast, the druid’s weapon(s) deals additional damage based on the type selected for a period of time; cannot stack multiple castings on the same weapon. “Flames erupt from the end of your weapon!”

Control Weather: Change the weather pattern in a zone and allow the weather conditions to impact some of the druid’s spells. Can only use this spell once every 10 mins.
- Sunbeam: When the weather is bright and sunny (the player can’t be considered “inside”) then the spell sunbeam will concentrate and direct a large beam of the sun’s energy at a target causing damage and a chance of temporary blindness (blindness lasts for 10 prompts?). “A beam of light washes over the area!”
- Water Jet: When the weather is raining and the player is outdoors, this spell will launch a fast moving stream of water at a target which will cause damage and a chance to knock the target over. “A jet of water crashes into it!”

Obscuring Mist: When the spell is cast something akin to what happens when a player with fireshield fights something with ice shield happens – the room becomes full of a haze blocking visibility. “The room begins to fill with a thick fog.”

Blind Sight: When cast, the druid can see through the haze created by Obscuring Mist. “Your eyesight blurs and becomes clear once more.”

Entangling Vines: Casting this spell would cause vines to sprout from the ground and make a Trip attempt against a player or creature (similar to Ninja’s Trip 3, not Trip 4). Give the spell a 10 second cool-down to avoid overuse. “Long, gnarled vines erupt from the ground!”

Elemental Barrage 1-8: When cast, all viable targets in the room will get hit with consecutive attacks of fire, ice, lightning, and rock. Essentially it’s like an Armageddon sort of spell. All the essences of nature attack targets in the room. Cool down would like 1 hour and the spell would increase in power over 350 levels. Cannot be cast while under attack. “The forces of nature rain hell upon the area!”

Form of the Eagle: Allow the druid to shapechange into a large (half-giant sized) eagle for a short time. Allow them to fly and make attacks as this creature. “Your form shifts and you become an eagle!” (I recognize the game’s current design may not support this kind of spell effect)

From Covetous and sent to staff members in January, 2016:
Spells: Druid/Ranger

Chain Lightning – Cast during combat, hits all targets in the room of the same name(Keyword) ex. human, orc, ogre, elf, etc.) Damage would be equal to blitzkrieg. Loses some damage per target hit. 100% to 80% to 60% to 40% etc.
Caster – A ray of purple and blue leave your palms.
Others see – “Pc’s” arms spark dangerously as lightning bounces around the room.”

Flame Shock – Cast during combat, hits 1 target, fast cast, high damage doesn’t scrap.
Caster – You lock eyes with your opponent, and snap your flame covered fingers.
Others see – “Pc” locks eyes with his enemy and snaps his fingers.

Feral Spirits – Summon two ghost wolfs with HP between 785-900. When in combat they would heal their owner. They’d each hit 4 times per prompt, 4/4/4. For a total of 8/8/8 with two wolfs. Health gained per hit would be equal to a Cure $*.
Caster – Two pale blue translucent wolves appear from the smoke, and begin to follow you.
Others see – Chanting and dancing around, “Pc” creates a thick smoke and two ghostly wolves emerge.

Bloodlust – Can be cast on anyone, a spell that increases damage for an undetermined amount of time. Just like all other spells.
Caster – You grow in size and hunger for fresh blood.
Others see – “Pc” cuts his hand wide open and smears the blood across his face, howling with rage, his/her pure red eyes pierce your soul.

Lightning Shield – Self cast only, become surrounded by 10 orbs of lightning. Every hit an orb is lost, but it does lightning damage to the attacker. Can be cast during combat. Damage would be equal to Blade Barrier.
Caster – A bolt of lightning strikes you, you feel a slight tingle.
Others see – A blue bolt of lightning strikes “Pc”, leaving behind ten electric floating orbs.

Reincarnation – A self only spell that can be cast every eight real life hours. This spell allows you to resurrect yourself when you die.
Caster – Your rotting corpse springs from the ground revived!
Others see – “Pc’s” rotting flesh springs upward, chuckles, and then returns to its living form.

Water Totem – When cast it sits on the floor of the room, this totem increases regeneration for mana/song/power. Last 5 minutes.

Wind Totem – When cast it sits on the floor of the room, this totem increases regeneration for movement. Last 5 minutes.

Earth Totem – When cast it sits on the floor of the room, this totem increases regeneration for hit points. Last 5 minutes.

Fire Totem – When cast it sits on the floor of the room, this totem dispels hidden, invisibility, sneak, and is a light source. Last 2 minutes.

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 04, 2018 8:26 am 
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Hey dewd, don't be afraid.
You were made to play DL better.
The minute you're in your character's skin.
Then you begin to roleplay better.

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 Post subject: Re: Druid Spell Ideas
PostPosted: Sat Aug 04, 2018 10:16 am 

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So then you are also aware that your summon spring and even summon rain is just like the Shamans healing rain spell. Second your summon wind is just like their wind shear spell as well. And elementals... weird. Guess those would have to be revised too, or just using a different name does the job?

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